Exodus Mystery Unraveled Research Book by Goel Rahimi


Mystery Unraveled

Research Book


Goel Gil Rahimi

Archaeology and scripture
unravel the enigmatic Exodus route

Some scholars deny the Exodus

because they failed to find evidence to support it.


This research unraveled the Exodus route,
and discovered the graves of the perished people,

thus proving

the historicity of the Exodus

Reconstruction of the route

This study is the first to reconstruct the entire route of the Exodus journey. Every encampment mapped (many still bear their biblical names).

All important locations identified:

Mt. Sinai

Mt. Nebo


Red Sea crossing site, and more ...

First scientific explanation for Parting of the Red Sea !


Physical findings

The study discovered the graves of the desert generation, and proved they were built during the Exodus.

Find the proofs in the book.

Millions of graves found in Two Areas of Mass Burial.

It also found hundreds of family trees - enormous monuments, built to document family relations between many generations.

The book also presents archaeological evidence that the Israelites fed on Manna and Quails.


Researcher and Author

Goel Gil Rahimi

I value science & technology as well as spirituality. In fact, the more I learned the materialistic world, the more I realized the importance of the spiritual one.

Some of my technological contributions earned US Patents. 

Having authored several books, now I’m writing the book “The Biblical Geography”.

My favorite hobby is writing poems. I’m an enthusiastic student of the Bible.

Living in Nazareth (Israel), I thank God for he has blessed me.


Faith leaders & scientists endorse this book

Faith and Science

Can they coexist?

Absolutely YES!

Want to base your faith on factual foundations?

Concerned about your children's education?

Wish to learn and UNDERSTAND the Bible?

Read this book!